Knot Garden drawings for colouring in is our kitchen table lockdown project. Thanks for sending us your completed drawings for the gallery, please keep sending. 

Send either jpegs or scans from your printer (they produce the best images) to

 Knot Garden drawings - free pdf downloads 


A colourful interpretation of 'Knot Garden' from 

Pam in Orkney.

Vibrant interpretation from Orkney

Rebellious interpretation from Epsom

Any other day - from Shetland

Any other day -from Orkney

By Olivia from Surrey - 'Where the wild things are' 

Up on the hill - from Shetland

Over The Wall - from Shetland

Ruby Tuesday - from Shetland

Flutterbys - from Orkney

Knot Garden - Karen from Orkney

Knot Garden - Janet from Dundee

Daydreamer -  Phil from Surrey

The Faraway Forest - Fiona from Orkney - "Loved loved loved colouring this in. Things kept coming alive - the birds, the flowers, the weird animals! The flowers evoked memories of Greece and the leafy twine reminded me of the Faraway Tree. The colours made me think of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. It’s been a really lovely experience, thank you so much xx"

Daydreamer - from Shetland

Here's Looking At You - from Orkney

Sideways - from Shetland

Jeepers Creepers - from Shetland

Jeepers Creepers - Glasgow 

Ear And There - from Shetland

Here's Looking At You - from Shetland

My Newt - from Shetland

Time Out - from Shetland

Time Out - Amber from Glasgow

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