Tumim & Prendergast's project, Surreal Estate, uses the built environment as a metaphor for the human condition. As visual artists we are purveyors of fine nonsense and, through drawing and painting, we approach our content with more rhyme than reason. From the outset we play surrealist games and use the hand drawn outcomes to create vivid and absurd fictions. The process of collaborating through parlour games releases the subconscious of each player. The resulting drawings enable us to continue to collaborate, building our own contemporary surrealist practice.

True to the random nature of surrealism our exhibition ‘Surreal Estate’ was cancelled the week before it was due to open on March 26th 2020. Since lockdown we have been working from our kitchen table making colouring drawings for anyone to download and enjoy. The exciting part for us is receiving your interpretations and showing them on the Knot Gardens Gallery and also on our Instagram #tumimandprendergast. We will not post names unless asked. If you would like to send us your finished pictures please send a photo or scan (jpeg) to tumimandprendergast@gmail.com 

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Pollen Seekers - Love this interpretation by Ella from Epsom

By Olivia from 'Where the wild things are' 

" Very relaxing, mindfulness at its best"

"These wonderful colouring sheets have really helped me relax and unwind, especially after some busy shifts at work. I love how varied and creative each sheet is, taking you on a different journey each time. "#mindfulness   Renal Nurse - Glasgow

The Faraway Forest - Fiona from Orkney - "Loved loved loved colouring this in. Things kept coming alive - the birds, the flowers, the weird animals! The flowers evoked memories of Greece and the leafy twine reminded me of the Faraway Tree. The colours made me think of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. It’s been a really lovely experience, thank you so much xx"

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